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Indonesia AP.1 Grade 2

Robusta green coffee, origin Indonesia, variety AP.1 Grade 2, low cup acidity, notes of wood and nuts. Lingering aftertaste with cocoa notes.


More information about coffee

Country: Indonesia

Region: Sumatra

Altitude: 1100 - 1500 meters asl

Process: natural

Botanical Variety: Robusta

Harvest period: July to February

Tasting Notes: Good body, low acidity with intense hints of wood and nuts. Lingering sweet aftertaste with cocoa notes

Acidity: low

Persistence: good


Additional information


1-5, 30+, 6-29

Where coffee comes from

Robusta Coffee

Robusta coffees are typical of Asia and Africa.
The plants in the wild can reach up to 12 meters in height and need a warm, humid climate to grow. Because the coffee beans do not fall from the plant but must be harvested they are free of many of the defects typical of Arabica.
They have a higher amount of caffeine than the latter and often have a grassy, woody aroma.