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Green coffee specialists

Trading, sorting and transporting raw coffee: our mission is the roaster’s satisfaction in creating their own magic

Our coffee

Arabica Green Coffee

Considered the most valuable variety, it is grown mainly in Central America but also in several African states as well as in India and Vietnam as well as Ethiopia where coffee originated.

Robusta Green Coffee

Cultivated in Africa, Vietnam, India and all Northeast Asian countries as well as in Brazil where it was initially used only for domestic consumption while it is now appreciated abroad.

Specialty coffee

It represents excellence in the coffee world because this definition is reserved only for coffees that have achieved the highest tasting scores.

Our coffees

Upon request and for particular projects, we have developed four Omnicaf-branded proposals capable of respecting our idea of roasted coffee.

Supply chain control also means welfare distributed from growers to consumers

Who we are

We are a team with decades of experience in the world of trading and selecting raw coffee. From Genoa, we move around the world in search of the best supplies. We are experts in transportation, logistics and perfect coffee storage.

No two coffees are the same

Climates, soils, altitude, but also roasting and processing: the world of coffee is the perfect encounter between man and nature. That’s why we never stop looking. And to propose.

Our work

Omnicaf for us means the selection and care of the best varieties of green coffee, the meeting with the market in search of the best relationship between quality and price, the willingness to offer the most effective solutions for logistics. We take care of everything, leaving you the time and opportunity to create the coffee you’ve always dreamed of.

"My adventure in the world of coffee began at the age of nineteen, with my hands in sacks. This allowed me to learn about coffee in the field and grasp its secrets "

– George Benzi

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