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The first, but always excellent, rule of coffee etiquette is to be able to actually prepare a good product, before even thinking how this can be served. The choice of raw material is crucial, and grinding the product immediately before using it is always the best choice. In the preparation is also essential the maintenance of the machine for the espresso, in fact the holder filter should be cleaned before any other work.

The cup and the spoon
It must be filled for two thirds and previously placed on the cups heater for the express to be slightly at temperature at the time of service. It should be cleaned with a sponge to avoid any dirt and dust on the edges and bottom. The spoon, resting on the saucer, must always be placed to the right of the cup, with the handle facing the customer. The added value of the coffee service, as in any other product in the catering sector, is essentially the friendliness. Kind and helpful but without appearing intrusive and intrusive. A smile on the face is the right accessory to serve a stranger or even a friend with courtesy and attention. The customer will also appreciate a spontaneous advice for the choice of a product with a particular aroma, perhaps depending on the season, the climate or the time of day.

The glass of water and the chocolate
In the bon ton of coffee it is good to offer a glass of water together with the cup, little, you do not need a full glass.
Why with the water? Simply because it goes well with coffee, the true connoisseurs always drink it before, so that you can fully taste all the flavors and aromas of the product. Even better is making the service accompanying the drink with some biscuits, a caramel or a chocolate.